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Stephen-ism #902 –
“I wonder what it’s going to be like when I can’t wonder anymore?”

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When man meets machine...

and the result drives business.

As a child - I always seemed to be in a hurry. "Slow down!" they would say. It took me decades to accept that I just "got" things a little quicker than most.  Moving quickly did not mean skimming over the top and missing details, but rather, it was just my normal pace. So much little time!

Ever since then, I have to know everything about...well, everything. It has been my driving factor to learn, learn, learn - and then apply practically. Absorbing as much as I can of the world around me is not enough. Filling up the hard drive that is my head, the fun part is taking that knowledge and using it with a 360 degree comprehensive plan...and watching it come to life.


Putting the pedal to the metal of business.

As with every technologically advanced "vehicle" - creating it takes a dedication to the craft and art, a deep understanding of the entire process, a clear vision, and precise execution.




Stephen-ism #085
"I'm not that smart. I just pay really close attention."

"I've got 400 million reasons you should keep reading."

Let's put it succinctly:  I am a seasoned domestic and international CPG professional with over 23 years of experience.  I have launched products into over 75 countries with total sales exceeding $400 million dollars.

Now that we have that out of the way.  How about some details?

In both retail and direct selling structures, I specialize in management of consumer packaged goods, marketing, market strategy, growth management, channels and channel strategy, online and e-commerce, sales, and product development for personal care, hair care, fragrance and nutrition/weight-loss categories.

I thrive on creating, directing and managing talented teams with a gift for defining & refining branding, brand building, and cross functional integrated marketing driving sales. Both my corporate positions and prior consulting agreements have honed marketing strategy and product line ups, streamlined operations, and provided platforms for exponential growth.

For those with the desire to create a new brand - I am your "go to guy" who can, from inception, create a path to success streamlining the process, saving you hundreds of thousands, and pave the way to a multi-million dollar brand.

None of what I do is on par with interstellar travel or brain surgery. But it does take a presence of mind, a deep and meticulous understanding of the entire process, constant awareness during that process, and a certain fortitude to be successful in this industry.

• Turnaround & Change Management
• Strategic Business Planning
• Marketing & Sales Collaboration
• Negotiating Partnerships
• Profit & Loss Accountability
• International Business Leadership
• Project Management & Planning
• Financing & Capital Acquisition
• Business Reengineering

Stephen-ism #9989 – “Yes...I'm the John Wick and Agent 47 of branding.”


Robin McGraw Revelation
President & Chief Operating Officer

February 2015-July 2016

Under my direction transformed the brand from DTC skin care to a prestige line with 32 skin care products.
This included:
• Full company rebranding and subsequent packaging rework
• Projections taking the brand from $4M to $20M in 3 years – skin care alone
• Sub-brands to generate additional $10M per year
• Created 32 NEW skin care formulas (of which 90% were owned by company and globally compliant)
• New E-commerce and web re-launch and full web rebranding and SEO/SEM
• 3PL relocation with new NetSuite design and full build out and implementation
• Fully vetted global, balanced distribution strategy
• Remedied an inherited 7 figure inventory position, which was completely resolved by end of 2Q 2016.
• Created a mass line of 8 items from concept, which sold over 400,000 units during first 9 months of launch
• Distribution includes Ross, AAFES, NEX, TjMaxx, Home Goods, Ulta, Sephora, Beauty Brands, among many other retailers - both prestige and mass, and liquidation
• For 2018 - fully developed a 130 SKU (including shades) cosmetic line for the luxury market

KAO, USA (KMS California-Goldwell)
Global Digital Strategist

February 2012-March 2013

Consultant for strategic international online & social media integration, bridging both Marketing & Education throughout global presence and 8 languages.
Projects included:
- Redesign of global SharePoint website and 22+ country sites - launch January 2013
- Redesigned site soft launch generated a 74% increase in traffic with no search dollars in first 30 days across 22 international sites
- Integrated digital content plan and creation for 12 months, week by week broken down by communication pillar
- Art and content direction for all digital creative including 1000+ unique branded images
- Social media strategy and branding
- Facebook tab applications, alternate brand communication, etc.
- Content management system design and management in 8 languages
- Asset library for usage by touch point, accessed by country marketing managers
- Education platform development and initiation

ALLOW Beauty
Senior Vice-President

January 2011-February 2012

Post Asset Purchase Turn Around (PAPTA) MLM - I created team and led turn-around effort
• Finalized formulation, testing and redesign of primary and secondary packaging for 3 skin care lines (39 SKUs) and a full cosmetic line.
• Directed owners and team on strategy, market landscape analysis, branding and re-branding, product development, social media, distribution channels and overall profitability for a turn around MLM founded in 1951
• Company consisted of skin care, (3 skin care lines), beauty (cosmetic line), body fashions (bra and support garments) and a health category.

STILA Cosmetics
Executive Director - Marketing

February 2010-January 2011

Post Asset Purchase Turn Around (PAPTA) I provided overall brand direction, marketing strategies, programs, and merchandising to support domestic and international corporate objectives.
• Used specific consumer-focused marketing strategies to develop messaging, database marketing, retail-related integrated promotions, advertising, public relations and community outreach and possible Direct Selling / MLM add on business.
• Directed development of the annual marketing plan
• Lead team in creating a new and relevant Creative Platform for all Stila Branding, including: brand identity, online, partnerships, primary/secondary packaging, media, Stila “Girl’ psychographs, messaging/voice, etc.
• Lead 6 month CRM project redefining Stila’s target market through demographic research, consumer research, and nationwide focus groups
• Implemented 26 week integrated marketing plan across all channels
• Launched iTunes Beauty App, Facebook page, viral marketing program, Twitter contests, travel contest and other social media campaigns
• Cultivated relationships with potential key strategic partners and worked with the executive management team to evaluate potential partnership opportunities – Disney, E! Live on the Red Carpet, HSN, various web companies, etc.
• Directed Alison Brod PR to create synergy between PR and marketing segments to compound the impact of both
• Redesigned and launched new website – ground up optimized for e-commerce as well as branding objectives, generating $3M in sales. Optimized analytics to maximize SEO/SEM with limited resources
• Negotiated and secured profitable Affiliate program and international selling interface
• Launched over 100 new SKUs (already in production w/shades) surpassing minimum revenue goal by 28%.
• Managed $4M creative and marketing budget by line item
• Managed 12 staff, hired 6 - for Marketing, Creative, Online Marketing and Public Relations

WellnessPro, INC.
Executive Director, Global Marketing & Operations

February 2009-February 2010

Managed direct selling wellness and nutrition company in 15 countries. Directly responsible for:
• Creation of global marketing directives and implementation
• Launch of world's first Facebook Application for direct selling companies
• Complete rebranding of company - including marketing plan and all executables - website redesign, viral marketing, social networking, SEO, etc., brand design, product development, global expansion, collateral, training materials, electronic branding, all media streams, etc.
• Nutrition and personal care product development, strategy, manufacturing, compliance, etc.
• Redirect of compensation plan, ROI
• Creation of advertising and promotional schedule and all accompanying materials - including writing and design of all collateral, distributor toolbox, etc.
• All global operations including manufacturing, operations, fulfillment, back office and compensation plan payout

Procter & Gamble

Consultant, Global Strategy

February 2008-February 2009

Consultant for Procter & Gamble Professional Care, Exclusive Lines:

Included Wella, Wella Professional, Graham Webb, Sebastian, Back to Basics, etc.
- Complete competitive review of hair care for 2008 holiday season
- Creation of theme for HOLIDAY 2008 implementing SCALE process/concept throughout all franchises
- Design of program for implementation of SCALE, including theme, tag lines, GWP design, GWP sourcing, financial review, P&L for two previous seasons, forecasting for 2008
- Consolidation of resources
- Print and collateral design direction

Surface Promotions, Inc.
Chief Executive Officer

June 2003-February 2009

Promotions design & manufacturing company specializing in promotional, gift, purchase with purchase, and gift with purchase items for cosmetic, fragrance, hair care, and nutrition companies.

- Start-up grown from $1M in sales to $10M by year four. Clients included Herbalife, Disney, Warner Brothers, Wella, Sebastian, John Paul Mitchell, and Procter & Gamble
Directly responsible for:
- All marketing functions
- All product design and presentation functions including: development, art, sourcing, material constructs, customer and vendor relations, etc.
- Outside sales including acquiring new clients, and service and support of existing clients
- Manufacturing - directed all ASI and PPAI U.S. vendors, international factories, and brokers
- Purchasing and accounts receivable, including product pricing and profitability
- Licensing and regulatory, where applicable
- Company-wide supply chain, shipping and delivery

Herbalife, International 
Director, Global Lifestyle Marketing

July 1998-June 2003

Directed all activities within project portfolio
•Managed overall financial performance of the program portfolio
•Managed Country Marketing Managers for all 62 countries
•Redesigned Nutrition Support Product category in 62 countries consisting of 632 SKU’s (1,800+ w/market versions), generating sales of $14.5 million annually
•Reduced SKUs to 120 with Projected Sales of $20 million annually
•Redesigned “Global Holiday Gift Programs” ($35 million in Sales) in 25+ countries (Included nutrition, fragrance, hair & body care, and cosmetic development)
•Achieved “Average Contribution Margin” worldwide of 55%
•Redesign achieved manufacturing cost savings of $250,000.00+ annually
•Managed all manufacturing and supply side chain
•Directed all marketing avenues including catalogues & print materials, web content, HBN Broadcasting, collateral, etc. in 12 languages
•Three (3) direct reports, 18 indirect
Director for Herbalife owned subsidiary company – PROMOTIONS ONE
•Designed, manufactured, and purchased over $10 million in promotional items for global distribution annually

Lisa Hoffman Beauty
Chief Strategy Officer

March 2013-February 2015

Negotiated launching concept into multiple retail distribution for 2015 increasing sales by a record breaking 2700+%
- Created sub brand for mass market (12 fragrances, full branding, primary and secondary packaging, all creative, and a 3 year product plan in 120 days) worth $15M per year in annual sales
- Complete branding of the company – style guide, voice, messaging, online, creative platform
- Restructure of Product Development department, E-commerce, Marketing and Sales to facilitate growth
- Channel distribution plan based on channel demographics and growth
- Domestic and International distributor plan
- 3 year product development plan with over 300 new jewelry pieces and 75+ new fragrances, supporting channel strategy and their corresponding margin requirements
- Brand expansion plan - LHB and the diffusion
- 3 year forecast and projections
- Re-launch and expansion plan for home shopping - HSN, TSC and Channel 21 Germany
- Created multiple fragrance jewelry collections by demographics (concept, manufacturing, packaging) launching into multiple retail channels
- Secured private label partnership with international distribution in 26+ countries with a retail value of over $20M yearly at peak


Stephen-ism #212 -"Having decades of experience does not mean you have to look,  feel, or always act your age."

Kayo Body Care

President & Chief Operating Officer

February  2019 - Present

Consumer packaged goods executive for an emerging wellness, health, and beauty brand with line extensions into supplements, body tools, and CBD.  Currently launching into over 20 countries with 30 skus.

Nutritional Delivery Systems
Chief Marketing Officer / Brand Architect

July 2016 - August 2018

Started from a simple conversation, I created the brand - full ideation, research, brand identity, market position, and product development - delivering 20 products to the market in 12 months.  The brand received amazing reception and intense interest from the likes of Whole Foods, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe, Lucky Vitamin, etc.  

CurcuminPro is the world's only full line of Biosoluble® protein-powered curcumin enriched supplements, drinks, drink mixes, meal replacement shakes, jelly beans and sugar free chocolates. Each of the 35+ products harness patent-pending protein powered curcumin technology and is the foundation of every product. The Biosoluble® technology redefines the bioavailable delivery of not only curcumin products, but will be the new gold standard for all nutritional supplements.  This allows for an exponential bio-availability and assimilation unlike any other curcumin product in the marketplace. 


Nutritional Delivery Systems, LLC is a boutique "nutra-pharma" start-up company with disruptive technology benefiting both humans and animals. The core technology accelerates the absorption and assimilation of essential natural elements using a Nutritional Delivery Platform (NDP). 

HUGO BOSS Fashions, Inc.
VM Director, West Coast

April 1997-July 1998

Responsible for interpretation, application and implementation of Visual Merchandising Guidelines and Strategic Sales goals for: BOSS Hugo Boss Shops (10), Shop-In-Shops (4), Key Department Stores, Specialty Retailers (350 total) and the West Coast Showroom. Included Texas to Hawaii, and Georgia.
• Manager for all “House of HUGO BOSS” Brands (BOSS, HUGO, BALDESARRINI, SPORT, and GOLF).
• Created domestic merchandising schedule for all BOSS stores, 350 retail and specialty shops.
• Directed transitions of Collections throughout all retail
• Franchise owner relations, while directing and interfacing with Franchise shop owners for All Boss Hugo Boss Shops - West Coast
• Managed all franchise collection buys, merchandising, visual display, store modifications in correlation with global sales & merchandising directives
• Showroom and Rodeo Drive location management
• Special events and trade show planning and layout planning and management

Procter & Gamble, as Giorgio Beverly Hills

Designer - Product, Promotions & Packaging

May 1995-April 1997

Designer for all company fragrance and cosmetic lines, packaging, promotional item, and visual collateral design, development, and presentation
•Promotional product designer – holiday on-counter design, Gift-With-Purchase, Purchase-With-Purchase Programs gift sets, etc.– with over 100 new items for the US/EU markets
•Product development for fragrance and ancillary items (shave cream, body cleansers, facial toners, body creams, etc.) for all brands
•Product development for 5 major fragrance launches – Hugo, Hugo Woman, Ocean Dream, RED re-stage, RED2
•Managed design and sample acquisition, trend spotting, and materials determination
•Purchasing Manager for the above categories
•Managed $2.3 million creative budget



"Stephen offers a valuable blend of brand leadership, resourcefulness, and financial skill that combines efficiency with imagination to produce highly effective bottom line results. He is adept in developing effective marketing plans creating long-range focus. Stephen is highly motivated and an asset to any team."

Gretchen Rider, VP Operations, Stila Cosmetics & VP Operations Guthy-Renker

"Stephen is extremely creative and able to wrap his head around any project that comes his way. He has an eye for design and current market trends that he easily translates to create cutting-edge products and services. Stephen has a knack for building business or turning around a failing endeavor. He is detailed, articulate, and passionate in work and in life. Stephen would be an exceptional asset to any business."

Chris Rowland, Executive Director Product Development

Josie Maran Cosmetics

"Working with Stephen Parks directly was a very positive and rewarding experience for me. Stephen is one of the most professional people I know and has an iron-clad work ethic, which I strive to emulate. I feel that I learned a great deal from him in regards to Marketing/Brand Building and still have much to learn from him. If you are seeking a very polished and intelligent individual to direct your Marketing team or division - who manages with a strong and yet empowering demeanor - then he would be the first person who comes to mind. As a person, he is very approachable and always takes time out of his busy schedule to happily assist you. This is very refreshing. I am hoping to work with Stephen again in the near future."

Lisa Martines, Brand & Product Development Director,

Stila Cosmetics (J.A.N.E.)

"I had the pleasure of working very closely with Stephen for several years. His passion for the job coupled with his gifted ability to think strategically is something that I have rarely experienced in my professional career. His ever-positive disposition is infectious to cross-functional teams resulting in high productivity and amazing team spirit. But it is possible that his greatest gift is his unique sense of creativity and style. Always able to see trends lingering on the horizon before anyone else. It is a rare professional who is a pure mix of such qualities and Stephen Parks is just that person."

Jacquie Carter, Vice-President, Worldwide Training

Herbalife International

"Stephen is an experienced and highly motivated professional who works very well with everyone. His good PR and wealth of information has allowed him to grow and contribute to the growth of his department at Herbalife. My working experience with him was professional and fun. He works hard and yet maintains a good & balanced sense of humor. It will be my pleasure to work with Stephen in the near future."

Bart Calizo, Lead Buyer


"Stephen Parks is one of the most detailed oriented and knowledgeable Marketing professionals I have come to know. He embodies all of the characteristics one should look for when selecting a Marketing professional to work with. His talents exceed more than just marketing though, he has also helped me in retail and manufacturing when I had my retail company. He came up with ideas that I would never have thought about in order to grow my business. I would highly recommend Stephen!"

Jerrie Butler, Client


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"With 100's of products created in multiple categories and millions of units can I possibly choose a favorite?"

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